We believe that each structure speaks, it may be an old one, a spacious one or even a ruined one. It has an impact on its surroundings and users. Thus, every architectural project goes through a manifestation of thought processes that include the context, concept, requirement, design philosophy, services, accessibility and finally its aesthetic portrayal.


Though tagged under ‘industrial’, every industry has its own way of working. While planning such a project, the circulation pattern and its functionality plays the most crucial role. Every such aspect needs to be carefully planned which may affect the daily functioning of an industry. We believe, designing such structures thoughtfully can definitely help in the growth rate of its users.


These premises must speak more about inspiration. Every individual who is a part of an institution, should feel motivated, energetic and encouraged while moving around the campus. May it be a single building or multiple buildings, factors like light and ventilation, materials, expanse, sense of security make people feel the aura of the space. We aim to design such spaces where users will feel the ‘sense of belonging’ with them.


A house when becomes a ‘home’ is truly the meaning which we strive to achieve in each project. Residential projects, may it be a multistoried building or a villa, needs a designer to thoroughly understand the users daily activities and lifestyle choices. It’s an interesting challenge as each individual is different.! Your home will always be the place for which you feel the deepest affection, no matter where you are. As someone has rightly said, a home is where your heart is.


Commercial projects witness various types of users everyday and every moment. The varied age group, varied uses makes it more challenging on the design aspect. The beauty in designing these buildings lie in the impression it creates even if a user visits it for a single time. The sense of returning back some day, is the true achievement that we feel needs to be achieved.


The Firm Specializes In High Quality Designs For All Range And Type Of Projects. Its Distinctive Architectural And Interior Design Serves Range From Design Ideas, Feasibility Studies.

You listened to us, had patience with us, listened to us again and orchestrated a magnificent design that was a creation of our dreams. We thank you for your amazing talent, patience, perseverance, creativity and ability to manage challenges and changes all along the way. You did with grace and professionalism that is seldom exhibited in these fast-paced busy lives we all have. Please proud of the work you have accomplished and the way you have made our family feel in our have given to us for now and into the future.

Thank you for your work in making our home a place that our family truly loves. cherishes and is continually “wow’d” by OUR DREAM HOME.

We are eternally thankful to you and you team!

Mr. Amit Bhadgoankar

This is to certify that Ar. Amruta Patankarwas appointed as an architect for the construction work of our farmhouse in Karjat. The work has been completed successfully in October 2015.

We are very much satisfied and happy with the work carried out by her team and wish her all the best for the future endeavors.

Mr. Dhananjaya Gadre

This is to certify that Ar. Amruta Patankarwas was appointed as a Landscape Architect for the terrace garden work of our residence in Ghatkopar, Mumbai. The work has been completed successfully in February 2017.

We are very much satisfied and happy with the work carried out by her team and wish her all the best for the future endeavors.

Ferrite Structural Steels Pvt Ltd.

Thank you for breathing new life into our home with your exceptional design skills.

Your keen eye for detail and ability to merge our personal tastes with the latest trends with extraordinary sense of style transformed our space into something truly magical. The designs reflects not just beauty, but also functionality, which is a testament to your talent.

Your creativity, professionalism, and attention to detail does not go unnoticed. We are endlessly grateful for your work and are thoroughly enjoying our transformed living space. We couldn't be more pleased with your work.

Thank you for making our dream home a reality.

Mr & Mrs Mutalik